What Yoga Means To Us…

What Yoga means to us.....

Sometimes there may be nothing there, we are not ready to see it, and other times there may be floods of sensations and emotions.

When we encourage the body to move it does feel great.  Getting tight muscles to unravel, release and soften.  Building strength, building stamina, building resistance but also learning to rest…and I mean the proper rest that really nourishes! And then there is meditation.

The nurturing of equanimity, the allowance in the mind to let everything be, just as it is. I’m reminded of an old Zen saying, 10 mins to sit in meditation is wonderful each day, if you think you are too busy for 10 minutes, then you need to sit for a lot longer! Sometimes starting something new can be difficult. 

How do I start a Yoga practice?  You simply show up.  There are no expectations.  Yoga takes your body as it is.

If you are tempted to let Yoga make a difference in your life, come along to the studio.  Have a chat with us.  Wherever you are, Yoga will meet you.