Signature Scent ”Wellness Warrior” Candles by Towcester Candle Co

Now available at The Roadehouse we have our own range of Signature Scent “Wellness Warrior” Candles. This is an exclusively designed scent that we had crafted by local candlemaker Towcester Candle Co. Each candle has a selection of stones chosen for their theraputic benefits..

  • TIGERS EYE – Helps to set specific goals for your health + fitness. It promotes an energetic flow throughout the body that spurns on your confidence, strength + willpower.
  • CLEAR QUARTZ – Makes it crystal clear that health is your focus! By cleansing the mind of self-doubt. Clear quartz will make sure you stay charged up in your fitness or dietary intentions.
  • AMETHYST – Bring amethyst into your space to emit a cleansing vibration that soothes worry from the mind + spirit.

Candles are made with Soy Wax, so no nasties when you burn them. Vegan, hand poured and hand crafted so each one is different. We also have in stock our Reed Diffusers and Flower Diffusers, each with our personalised scent in.

Candle Pricelist 
Candles – £30
Diffuser Reeds – £28
Diffuser Flowers – £35
Triple Wick Candle – £40